Friday, February 15


Yay week #2! This has definitely consumed my life (in a good way)! I've been dreaming that I'm scrolling through the Etsy Showcase and searching design blogs (I'm serious). I'm excited about the long weekend and blogging in my pajamas on Monday! I'm going to get some stuff made for my sleepy shop too (sneak peek soon)!

Thanks for checking out:

Mel Kadel - rad L.A. artist
Wood and white - take a look at what I found today at Ferm-Living!
My candy box art supplies organizer
Some anti-valentines cards (not just for Valentine's day BTW!!!)
New Sections- wardrobe diaries and what's in your cupboard?
BoyGirlParty's savvy diva Susie Ghahremani
Polish Posters at North Park Theatre
Today's favorites and wishlists

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