Thursday, February 14

Party Time!

I first noticed Susie Ghahremani's work on Etsy when I was looking for some owl and octopi and then I was reintroduced to her stuff by a friend (thanks Shannel!) and THEN yesterday I really started to dive into what this lady is all about and I found out that she is pretty spectacular. And it's not just because we have stuff in common - both San Diego transplants and both went to artsy fartsy East Coast schools. I mean this gal can do it all! She is 27 and has already established quite a list of clientele for herself. She is an illustrator, musician, stuff maker, savvy business chick, and more, more, more.
I'm sad I'll miss her upcoming show in San Francisco when I'm there with my sister but I hope, hope, hope that she'll show stuff in San Diego soon!

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