Monday, February 11

Mel Kadel

Secret Geyser

I've been really enjoying Mel Kadel's new works recently. For me, her drawings bring to light a child's imagined joys and weights of the world. I have a feeling that when I was younger I thought the world was as fantastic and dramatic as the one that the characters in Kadel's pieces live in (still, perhaps).


bear face sally

grand ole fort

hearts don't break

life jacket

planting a fudge seed

Mel Kadel is orginally from Pennsylvania but lives now in L.A. with her partner, Travis Millard in a cool cabin in Echo Park. You can check it out (kinda) on Fecal Face. They are currently sharing an exhibition at the Richard Heller Gallery until March so if you are in the L.A. area you should check it out.

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