Monday, February 18

Megan Whitmarsh

The world of yetis, robots, dancing girls, and crazy big mushrooms that Megan Whitmarsh creates really should be explored and not just read about. I'm bummed that I just missed her show at the New Image Art Gallery in L.A. but Illustration Play (image above) has some good stuff to check out.

Modern Yetis

Even though she still considers herself a painter (growing up she thought embroidery was boring), the texture from stitching is the element she adds that makes her work unique and makes her unreal world more real. It may be obvious from the people I choose each Monday but I have a soft spot for artists who can turn the mundane into magic. Megan's worlds are optomistic and vibrant. Her yetis are breakdancing, making music, and learning to get along.


Break Dance

Reykjavik Nites II

Elf and Yeti

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