Tuesday, February 12


With only a couple days left to send out your Valentine's Day cards I thought I would post some silly not-so-sweet ones that I like a lot.

I have to say these cards by Beautiful Project are still sweet (who doesn't love a fart joke, really?).

I know a few girls who will be doing this on Thursday night! Papered Together has real Valentines (and other paper goods) too for your loveydovey side.

These are the REAL anti-Valentine Valentines. Even I'm not THIS jaded (but I'll still send a couple out)! These guys really hate the holiday but at least they have a sense of humor. (Oh and you can send these bad boys free of charge!)

This isn't an anti-valentine. I just want it REAL bad.

1 comment:

  1. i want it REAL bad too. i love it.

    i also love the "jaded" cards you have posted there... ha. thanks!