Monday, February 11

Latest obsession - Wood and White

Aviary Press: Faux Bois, Real Bear - linoleum block print

Maybe I've been looking too much at the Roost catalog at work but I love the look of wood and white together right now.

1. Hand carved wood mug set - Three Potato Four 2. Ant Chair - Hive Modern 3. Ocean Demi Lune - Paulus 4. Medium Vertebra Vase - Sara Paloma 5. Teardrop Walnut Earrings - orno 6. Tract Leggings by Prairie Underground - Beklina 7. Smorgas-Board plate - PopInk 8. Coe & Waito Twig with Acorns - Rose and Radish


  1. Oh I LOOOOVE this! And thanks for my cute blog of the week mention; I'm so thrilled! :)

  2. I love those earrings!

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