Friday, February 17

Baby Update

I realized that the below post might have made it sound like I was not oh-so-excited for the lil' bundle of joy that is headed our way in roughly 16 weeks.  This is not the case at all...we are beyond thrilled to meet our little one but it has definitely been a path of ups and downs.  I promised Bill that I wouldn't turn this into a baby blog but it seems babies (or at least one baby in particular) is always on my mind lately.  Plus I am terribly neglectful of this blog as it is and would like to find a new way to keep it up.  So I thought I'd talk a little bit about the pregnancy so far and our battle with insurance and doctors.  I'd love to hear about your experiences.

I guess I'll start by saying that I have always, always, always wanted to be a mom.  Ever since I can remember I've loved the idea of having children.  But I also knew I wanted them at a certain time and place in my life.  I'm not sure if there would ever have a been a right time but it seems like in everyone else's mind the moment you turn 30 is when you should start popping 'em out.  The funny thing was I turned 30 and I wasn't really sure anymore.  I was in a pretty good place with my career and I really wanted to focus on that and I wanted things with my husband's career to get more settled before starting a family.  Of course, it would be about this time that the universe decided that we would just have to figure all that stuff out AND have a baby.  So needless to say, when I found out I was pregnant I was happy but I was also completely overwhelmed.  Especially in the first trimester, I was sick and tired 24 hours a day and on top of that I was battling some serious baby blues.  I've always been prone to periods of sadness and I also get very anxious about change.  My neurotic, worrisome behavior was in full effect.  Not helping at all was the fact that our insurance company was being a pain in the arse about authorizations and letting me see the OB/GYN.  I had my initial appointment and then it took 4 months to get the medical group to send the authorization for the full pre-natal care.  That is a lot of days stressing over what could go wrong.  I just tried to be as healthy as possible and be as informed as possible hoping that everything would be OK.

Miraculously, the moment I hit the 2nd trimester the depression I had been feeling totally went away.  So did the nausea (replaced with never-ending hunger).  We finally got to see the doctor again, had all of my blood tests (all good) and had our first 3-D ultrasound.  This little girl is already super, duper tall! She's got super long legs and gorilla feet just like her mama.  I've definitely been enjoying the past few weeks.  I love being able to feel her move around (which she does a lot of)'s like my favorite thing ever.  I can understand how other mommies miss that but I'm really excited to meet Eleanor too and can't wait for her to make her debut.

I would love to hear about your experiences...did you ever feel depressed, overwhelmed? Or was it 9 months of total bliss?

Friday, January 13

So this happened.  I have been beyond neglectful with A+I and there is no excuse.  Except my world is consumed with blogging here most days and doing this other days and then whatever free moments I do have I feel like I'm just stuffing my face.  I am so hungry, like, all the time!  Which is better than the first trimester which was all nausea all the way.  No fun.

I'm hoping today will bring goods news.  I'm coming up on 19 weeks and have had a disaster of a time dealing with insurance companies, medical groups and doctors.  Waiting for authorization forms and not getting the information I need has caused a lot of stress that.  I'm hoping today will bring good news, so cross your fingers for us, and we'll be able to get into a doctor's office next week and find out what this little tyke is - boy or girl.  Then we can finally settle the great name debate....or not.

Wednesday, October 12

Fall flavors

I love fall.  If there were a magical land where it was constantly autumn I would move there in a heartbeat.  Of course, I picked the place that is constantly summer.  I love layering on clothes, especially scarves, I love cool but not too cool weather, I love horror movies and, of course, I love all the treats.  Last week I baked the yummiest pumpkin donuts and I just had to share the recipe from Blue Eyed Bakers.  They were super easy to make and super delicious.  Just FYI...let me save you five million trips trying to find a donut can get one at Sur la Table.  

Thursday, August 25


A photo of the living room with the furniture and shit out of boxes.  

Since I work from my couch most days I tend to get addicted to certain shows on Netflix instant.  I just finished Dead Like Me and I'm kind of sad to say goodbye to my little TV friends.  I need a new show to distract me.  Any suggestions?

Wednesday, July 13

LA Lady

{photo from leftover flowers from last week's awesome, musical, bohemian, beach-y, desert wedding}

We are slowly settling into our new Los Angeles life.  I actually love it long as I don't have to venture out of the apartment too often.  There are definitely some bad attitudes out on the streets....more so than I ever found in San Diego...and I find it really wearing on me.  I'm talking about you crabby lady who takes my money at the flower market.  Would it hurt to smile?  You are surrounded by flowers!  Life can't be so bad!  I had some not so admirable moments this past of which may have involved me having it out with a flea market vendor.  But she had it coming, I swear.  I'm really going to try to be a better, kinder, calmer, more patient person.  Being in this house helps because I love it here.  It's so bright and big and open.  I love working here though I think I'm going to need to start unplugging.  Me and ol' mac-y are pretty much attached at the hip these days.  I need to listen to more music, read more, spend time with my husband more.  I've been reading Elizabeth's blog and I love her style, attitude, all around awesome mamaness.  She is the ultimate LA lady.  

What are your routines to unwind and forget the cranky cathies you might encounter?  How do you balance life, work, love and happiness? 

Friday, June 17

Our New Place Before-ish

So we're all moved in...poor moving guys were not prepared for the killer stairs and all of our crapola. I kind of have no idea what to do with the place. All of our stuff is in here but it doesn't look quite right. I'm hoping you guys can help me out. Any ideas / inspiration?*

This is the front door and the killer stairs that you HAVE to take. There is no getting around that. I don't move a whole lot so it's probably a good thing these are here.

The living room is actually bigger than it looks here. There is so much light! You have no idea how happy that makes me. We've lived in caves for so long.

I hate those flippin' cupboards but hey what can ya do.

This is the little hallway nook. Isn't it cute? And around the corner is the washer/dryer. Word.

The other set of killer stairs. This bad boy is not messing around.

And the loft. Yeah I know you're jealous of that carpet. Mhm.

There's also a bedroom and an itty bitty extra room downstairs. There are hallways and hardwood floors just like a grown-up house! We whispered and tip-toed the first few nights because we felt like we were staying at an older relatives home. Kind of wacky.

OK, now what should I do with it?

*these photos were taken PRE-move in

Thursday, May 26

LA Bound

In less than 10 days, we'll load up everything we've accumulated in San Diego over the past 5 years and u-hauling it to Los Angeles.  This is a move that we've talked about ad nauseum since we came to California in 2005 and I can't believe we're finally making the leap. 2011 = the year of the leap.  We found an amazing loft-y apartment with dark hardwood floors and huge windows in Eagle Rock.  No more box-y apartments with no hallways, no more carpet, no more dank and dark cave dwelling.  I go to sleep at night dreaming of brand new floor plans and furniture configurations.  Money is sure going to be tight for awhile considering the increase in rent and cost of living in general.  But I still fantasize about what our new dream life is going to look like.  I hate the process of moving but I love the idea of being able to start a-fresh and create the living space and living style that you've always wanted.  Our little bohemian artist lovenest full of tapestry and texture, leather and lace.  Joining a community garden, going to art shows, feasting with neighbors.  These are things that flutter around my brain everytime I pack dusty records into crates.  Of course, I usually end up going back to my same routine of work all day, clean, TV, sleep, repeat but the vision of a new life gets me through the transition process.  Thank goodness for Pinterest* which can satisfy my need for daydreaming and categorizing pretty pictures.  I started collecting dream home photos long before we had handed over our deposit and I can't wait to start actually using some of this inspiration for real life decorating schemes. 

{via Lonny Mag}

 {via bash, please}

*I have some invites left if you want to get on the pinning train express