Friday, January 13

So this happened.  I have been beyond neglectful with A+I and there is no excuse.  Except my world is consumed with blogging here most days and doing this other days and then whatever free moments I do have I feel like I'm just stuffing my face.  I am so hungry, like, all the time!  Which is better than the first trimester which was all nausea all the way.  No fun.

I'm hoping today will bring goods news.  I'm coming up on 19 weeks and have had a disaster of a time dealing with insurance companies, medical groups and doctors.  Waiting for authorization forms and not getting the information I need has caused a lot of stress that.  I'm hoping today will bring good news, so cross your fingers for us, and we'll be able to get into a doctor's office next week and find out what this little tyke is - boy or girl.  Then we can finally settle the great name debate....or not.

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