Wednesday, July 13

LA Lady

{photo from leftover flowers from last week's awesome, musical, bohemian, beach-y, desert wedding}

We are slowly settling into our new Los Angeles life.  I actually love it long as I don't have to venture out of the apartment too often.  There are definitely some bad attitudes out on the streets....more so than I ever found in San Diego...and I find it really wearing on me.  I'm talking about you crabby lady who takes my money at the flower market.  Would it hurt to smile?  You are surrounded by flowers!  Life can't be so bad!  I had some not so admirable moments this past of which may have involved me having it out with a flea market vendor.  But she had it coming, I swear.  I'm really going to try to be a better, kinder, calmer, more patient person.  Being in this house helps because I love it here.  It's so bright and big and open.  I love working here though I think I'm going to need to start unplugging.  Me and ol' mac-y are pretty much attached at the hip these days.  I need to listen to more music, read more, spend time with my husband more.  I've been reading Elizabeth's blog and I love her style, attitude, all around awesome mamaness.  She is the ultimate LA lady.  

What are your routines to unwind and forget the cranky cathies you might encounter?  How do you balance life, work, love and happiness? 


  1. i have no advice to offer you on the cranky-pants LA folks, but i just wanted to say that i am LOVING that picture up there.

  2. I agree. How can you be surrounded by beautiful flowers and not have a smile on your face all day?

  3. awesome blog...found you on "a cup of Jo"...glad I did ;)

  4. I've definitely had it out with more than one flea market vendor in San Diego! One in particular had me so angry I walked away all the way to the nursery more than a mile away before I calmed down. I don't have any great work/life balance ideas, though, except for the occasional unplugging. I'm not particularly good at that myself, but this past week we had a forced unplugging going on because our modem had died and we were waiting for a new one. It was strange not to be able to check e-mails at 10 pm while I was getting ready for bed, but also kind of wonderful. Maybe start off by designating a single night each week as a no-work zone?

  5. Thats cool that you just moved to LA. I really want to go there sometime. My fiance and I just moved to Tampa.. It is also sunny here.

    Just started a blog recently and really excited about it.. Check it out