Thursday, May 26

LA Bound

In less than 10 days, we'll load up everything we've accumulated in San Diego over the past 5 years and u-hauling it to Los Angeles.  This is a move that we've talked about ad nauseum since we came to California in 2005 and I can't believe we're finally making the leap. 2011 = the year of the leap.  We found an amazing loft-y apartment with dark hardwood floors and huge windows in Eagle Rock.  No more box-y apartments with no hallways, no more carpet, no more dank and dark cave dwelling.  I go to sleep at night dreaming of brand new floor plans and furniture configurations.  Money is sure going to be tight for awhile considering the increase in rent and cost of living in general.  But I still fantasize about what our new dream life is going to look like.  I hate the process of moving but I love the idea of being able to start a-fresh and create the living space and living style that you've always wanted.  Our little bohemian artist lovenest full of tapestry and texture, leather and lace.  Joining a community garden, going to art shows, feasting with neighbors.  These are things that flutter around my brain everytime I pack dusty records into crates.  Of course, I usually end up going back to my same routine of work all day, clean, TV, sleep, repeat but the vision of a new life gets me through the transition process.  Thank goodness for Pinterest* which can satisfy my need for daydreaming and categorizing pretty pictures.  I started collecting dream home photos long before we had handed over our deposit and I can't wait to start actually using some of this inspiration for real life decorating schemes. 

{via Lonny Mag}

 {via bash, please}

*I have some invites left if you want to get on the pinning train express


  1. Love that bedroom! So cozy and modern!

  2. LOVE that bathroom! I am in SD too I hope you do well in LA. Eagle Rock is a cool part of town. My bf and I are living at my dad's house right now so it's hard to get nesty, accumulate possessions, decorate and all that fun stuff but I'm not paying rent so I guess it's a fair price... I did convince him to let me re-do his bathroom. I'm almost done and it's looking really good! PINK! Have fun!

  3. my husband and i moved to san diego the same year that you did. we also have dreams of LA. i'm so excited for you. it's going to great.

    i was actually in la mesa today thinking... this could feel like the hills of san diego.

    i also love pinterest. i'm going to look you up. best of luck.

  4. Welcome to LA!! I lived in san Diego for most of my life before moving up to La for school and work. It is definitely a change but I like that there's so much more to do up here :) more and better food and the art and culture is amazing

  5. Love Pinterest and love the photos you picked! I use to to gather boards of inspiration for my art work (and everything else)! Good luck in LA!