Wednesday, October 12

Fall flavors

I love fall.  If there were a magical land where it was constantly autumn I would move there in a heartbeat.  Of course, I picked the place that is constantly summer.  I love layering on clothes, especially scarves, I love cool but not too cool weather, I love horror movies and, of course, I love all the treats.  Last week I baked the yummiest pumpkin donuts and I just had to share the recipe from Blue Eyed Bakers.  They were super easy to make and super delicious.  Just FYI...let me save you five million trips trying to find a donut can get one at Sur la Table.  


  1. I just recently made pumpkin donuts myself and they were so simple and good!
    xx Lexi
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  2. •♣♪★♥ this is adorable!! •♣♪★♥

    i want one!!!

  3. Yum! That's what I like about the cold season: baking and eating sweets.

  4. stopping by...nice be looking for auburn topics...thanks for sharing