Friday, June 17

Our New Place Before-ish

So we're all moved in...poor moving guys were not prepared for the killer stairs and all of our crapola. I kind of have no idea what to do with the place. All of our stuff is in here but it doesn't look quite right. I'm hoping you guys can help me out. Any ideas / inspiration?*

This is the front door and the killer stairs that you HAVE to take. There is no getting around that. I don't move a whole lot so it's probably a good thing these are here.

The living room is actually bigger than it looks here. There is so much light! You have no idea how happy that makes me. We've lived in caves for so long.

I hate those flippin' cupboards but hey what can ya do.

This is the little hallway nook. Isn't it cute? And around the corner is the washer/dryer. Word.

The other set of killer stairs. This bad boy is not messing around.

And the loft. Yeah I know you're jealous of that carpet. Mhm.

There's also a bedroom and an itty bitty extra room downstairs. There are hallways and hardwood floors just like a grown-up house! We whispered and tip-toed the first few nights because we felt like we were staying at an older relatives home. Kind of wacky.

OK, now what should I do with it?

*these photos were taken PRE-move in


  1. I think you should choose your battles at first so you don't get overwhelmed: it's big! Pick one or two rooms/areas that either particularly bug you or that you think would make you especially happy if they were fixed up and concentrate on those. It is was me, I'd probably go for that front staircase and the living room, since the staircase is the first thing you see when you come home and the living room is probably where you're going to spend most of your (waking) time. Also, the living room is a nice blank slate that will look great as soon as you've arranged the things you love in it. Can you get some kind of runner for the front staircase? Carpet would probably get really dirty but maybe a runner made of something washable? And maybe some art going up the walls on either side?

  2. OMG. Love. Girl, this looks gorgeous!!!!

    I say you deck it out midcentury modern-like ;)

  3. were you and your husband/fiance featured in an article of utterly engaged?

    i so that is pretty awesome. i've been following your blog for a while and reading the comment about the auburn and ivory etsy shop i thought of your blog because it's a pretty unique name.

  4. haha i am totally jealous of that carpet. looks like the space has some great bones. hope it's coming together!

  5. you said all your stuff was in there but where? All I can are empty rooms. I think by putting in all your stuff and lots of decorations, the room will look full and much better.

  6. Images are pre move, looks like grear amount of open space which will no doubt be very handy. place looks lovely.