Friday, January 1

I'm not going to write resolutions this year because I'm pretty sure I didn't fully succeed in completing last year's resolutions. Let's see how I did.

1. Write (and send) more cards (thank you, birthday, etc.)
I sent out a couple of cards but not enough. I just bought a bunch of cards on sale so I have no excuse this year!

2. Learn how to do at least two new things. So far I've come up with calligraphy and hand-stamping fabric.
Yeah, I didn't do either of these things. woops. I did learn how to make a mean ass cupcake though!

Eco-Clean around the house more.
I suppose I did do this. I try really hard to only use green products and not waste so much paper.

4. Love my apartment (involves a major face lift!).
Moving apartments helped this situation. And after spending the past week redecorating I really do kind of love it!

5. Dress even more like
I would say that now I'm more Jane than Serge. So maybe that makes me Charlotte?

6. Get more guest bloggers on A & I to shake things up a bit.
I forgot about this one. Maybe this year!

7. Figure out how to start doing what I love as a career and a lifestyle.
I am still working this one out but I'm closer than I was! Now I just need a life sponsor. Who's in!?


  1. oooo! send me your mailing address, and i'll send YOU a card! we can practice being better at mail with each other. :D

  2. These are great goals. I'm trying to think of some to post on my blog that I'll actually be able to achieve instead of wanting to poke my eyes out with frustration BUT I don't want to make them too easy... or do I?

  3. I think the key to good resolutions is to start them a week early. That way when New Year comes around you've already started on a high. Then maybe it's less disappointing when they only last a week :)

  4. I like Michelle Ward's idea on When I Grow Up of "intention":
    rather than resolution- however, i do need concrete ideas or "goals" to focus on in my daily life.

  5. I was just looking through my email messages and saw that I starred your response to the comment I left here with your mailing address in it almost two years ago... oops! I guess I haven't gotten better at putting things in the mail! Haha!