Saturday, January 3

A New Year

I love a new year. I love the idea of starting fresh and creating new opportunities and goals. I'm going to bore you with my resolutions (I seem to come up with a new one every day) because I'll forget to keep 'em up if I don't write 'em down.

1. Write (and send) more cards (thank you, birthday, etc.)

2. Learn how to do at least two new things. So far I've come up with calligraphy and hand-stamping fabric.

3. Eco-Clean around the house more.

4. Love my apartment (involves a major face lift!).

5. Dress even more like Anna.

6. Get more guest bloggers on A & I to shake things up a bit.

7. Figure out how to start doing what I love as a career and a lifestyle.

I'm also starting a year-round project. I was inspired by Record the Day to create a daily collage journal. I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to post it here so I need to come up with another blog project as well. Any ideas?

What are your resolutions and new year projects???

{photo via honey in your tea}


  1. Waahh!! Pretty blog!!
    I discovered your blog thanks to:
    Creature Comforts
    Happy 2009!

  2. Love #7. I'm thinking the same thing.

  3. this is so inspiring!!! i love the way you did this. xo

  4. wow thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to adopt all of your resolutions as well as my own!!!
    keep in touch.