Wednesday, December 30

A Decade Gone

I was inspired by this post to do a little {personal} recap of the past decade. I'm amazed that this decade is almost over. I feel like the past ten years have had the wildest changes for me than any other (of the three that I've been around, that is). Let's take a little looksy, shall we?

2000 - I was working as an assistant preschool teacher for the YWCA in Worcester, MA before starting my 2nd term at Benningon College. I broke up with my high school boyfriend of 2.5 years and went through one of my "wild periods" that lasted pretty much until the summer of '01. I met and started dating my future husband-to-be, he broke up with me and I spent the last month of '00 completely heartbroken. :(

2001 - Went to NYC with my best friend to work for The Joyce Theatre for a couple of months. Partied A LOT my spring term of sophomore year. Reunited with an old boyfriend and got my act together. Worked my ass off junior year of school.

2002 - Showed my first major dance piece at school. Helped my (then)boyfriend and his son move into and fix up a house. Broke up with (then)boyfriend.

2003 - Went to NY and interned for the DIY editor of a popular teen magazine. Said editor got me a gig with Dooney & Bourke to go to Milan with 9 other folks to design a new "IT" handbag collection. Graduated from college. Worked for my tried and true hometown job & a costume designer.

2004 - Started dancing with a company in Boston and teaching dance. Partied a little too hard with some old hometown friends. Went to a going away party in NYC and met up with future-husband-to-be.

2005 - Bought a car all on my own. Received a love letter and mix CD from future-husband-to-be. Started dating future-husband-to-be. Packed up new car with sister, some clothes & my records and drove to California with future-husband-to-be. Lived 3000 miles away from hometown in San Diego. Started a new job as a dance studio manager and teacher.

2006 - Started working as an admin. asst. for a non-profit arts organization. Quit crappy teaching job (teaching wasn't crappy - I love my kids - but the situation was not ideal).

2007 - Got promoted and said goodbye to my social life.

2008 - I started this little blog & opened up the shop.

2009 - An engagement in Big Sur. Lots of wedding planning, meeting new friends, starting new projects and getting new ideas for the big plan.

I have good feelings about 2010! Have a great New Years!


  1. This is a great idea, to look back 10 years instead of just the past year to see where you have been. I've enjoyed reading your past decade itnerary. I have alot of blogs in my google account, but you have a way of always catching my interest and getting me to stop and read.

  2. This is an amazing exercise. I just did it quickly and was simultaneously impressed with myself and extra-motivated and excited for 2010. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Happy New Year!!

  3. What a great idea for a post. Wish I had done this...actually, I realized that every NYE I would jot down the best and worse of the year and I had forgotten to do it. I'd rather do this for the decade.

  4. wish i had done this too!!! such a great idea! so much has happened in my life in the past 10 years....i was just thinking the other day how i always dreamed to be doing what it is that i'm doing....and i got there. i was completely engrossed in your "life" for the past 10 yrs too. best of luck to the next 10!