Tuesday, November 17

Style Statement???

I had heard of the book Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy but Coco + Kelley's recent post on her and the philosophy of Style Statement made me take a closer look at what it's all about. Through McCarthy's service, you can supposedly discover your two-word style statement. This in turn will allow you to be more creative and find "direction, peace and confidence."


I'm all about finding direction, peace and confidence but I'm not sure how two words are going to get me there. So we talk for 45 minutes, take a break (so that a thesaurus can be referenced?), and then I get a call back with my two words. Bam. Life.changed.forever. I mean, couldn't she just make up a couple of words? Trashy Chic. Crusty Boho. I'm sure the words can be jazzed up a bit to make me feel better about myself. Let's just say I'm a little skeptical of this process.

I do like Coco + Kelley's take on it though - "Your Style Statement is your personal brand and that is a very empowering thing."

Sometimes I do have a hard time focusing my vision since I'm so eclectic (just ask my wedding vendors...yikes) and it would be interesting to see what Carrie comes up with. Dang. And 20% off. I might just have to try this out ($400...just kidding).

If you could make a guess, what would your two word Style Statement be?


  1. You've seen my mess of eclecticism, so I'm doubtful of the two-word style statement either. I recently took a style quiz for covet.com, and the poor system was entirely confused.

    On a different note, I'd love to see a Crusty Boho style board. Ha.

  2. that sounds like such a crock! $400 for two words?!? if i paid that, my style statement would be "easily duped."

    wow, i sound really bitter....sorry! :)

  3. I wish there was a "like" button on blogs. I like your commentary. xox