Monday, November 16

Palm Springs Woes

The Ace Hotel has broken my heart. They have completely jacked up their prices and now I can't afford to go there for my birthday. Does anyone have a secret Palm Springs hideaway that they are willing to tell me about???


  1. No, but I have a 20% off coupon code for the Ace! :) The code is: "arkitip". Only good through end of December I believe.

    The price is still costly compared to the Ace's summer rates, but decent overall for Palm Springs in winter.

  2. get a group of friends together and rent a whole house.

    WAY better hanging with your buds in an estate sized, super private lawn pool area than drinking jacked up prices with a bunch of hipster laymos and being unable to nap cause the [often bad] pool music is too loud.

    just saying.

    as for example. you get yourselves and 2 other couples and rent;

    which is only 100 bucks a night per room.

  3. that looks amazing but this is kind of a "just the two of us" kind of getaway and we can only go up for one night (most of the house rentals have a 2 or 3 night min.). I'll def. keep that in mind for next time tho!

  4. Well I don't know what the new rates are, and therefor what would be cheaper. But for a just the 2 of us I'd say Hope Springs

    or, uh, Joshua Tree?!?!

  5. Oh, no! I was hoping to stay at Ace soon myself. Don't they know we're on a budget? It's a recession I tell you!!!

  6. We really want to go to Joshua Tree. We'll probably go next year when we can stay more than one night. We were checking out this place -