Tuesday, November 17

You Are My Fave Faves are My Fave

I just read this post over at You Are My Fav and I love love love love this idea. I'm the queen of trade so I can't believe I never thought of this before!
I really would love to learn basic graphic designs or maybe the basic skills of starting and running a business?
I can teach you how to
  • bake a cake (or anything else for that matter)
  • handstamp metal
  • make jewelry
  • sew (I'll have to reteach myself first though and then buy a sewing machine)
  • make a dance
  • build a database in Access

OR I could

  • bake you some cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, etc.
  • decorate your holiday table
  • make you jewelry for Christmas presents
  • wrap your christmas presents (i love wrapping presents)
  • sew you something (see above reference to needing a machine)
  • babysit (and teach your kids ballet at the same time - I was a dance teacher and a nanny)
  • build you a custom Access database for your business (I got mad skillz)


  1. I like the title of this post. I would love for you to wrap my Christmas presents. Too bad we don't live closer.

  2. we have had like all the same jobs! you probably already know this since i posted the bajillion jobs i've had on my blog, but i was a dance teacher and a nanny toooo! cool! i would trade with you but i don't think i have anything to offer that you can't already do!

  3. If we weren't on opposite coasts that graphic design class would be yours!