Thursday, January 22

Party Board #10: Hot Pink Love

I hate Valentine's Day but something must be wearing off on me if I'm making all these pink party boards! This one was inspired by this gorgeous photo by Selina Lake. Hot pink = Flirty!

Top Row: Selina Lake; Green Wedding Shoes; VintageGlam; Southern Weddings

Middle Row: VintageGlam; Roll and Tumble Press; Style Me Pretty; Poppytalk

Bottom Row: Enfin La Voila; Wedding Bee; Jessica Design Shop; White Box Weddings


  1. I'm not a fan of Valentine's day either, but this year I'm kinda feelin' it! Especially since my husband is FINALLY home from Iraq and it'll be our first together since we got married. Well, second, but last year's was spent via webcam.

  2. if someone does buy me a bouquet of bright pink peonies, i'm doing it for myself! :P