Tuesday, April 1

Tuesday Treasures

So you already know how much I love gray and yellow but did you know that I love gray and...well...anything (except pink). I didn't either until yesterday when I walked by that gray and mint window display and then put on my gray pants with my minty grandma sweater this morning. Why does the combination of a bright color paired with moppy gray make me so darn happy!!!???

etched in gray by elm tree; the hunting party by liz corbett; vintage wool skirt by thevintagezoo; birds and blooms purse by jenniferladd; love forest by supergirl stickers; valentine mini by askey; december mix petal ring by poppigirl; hello cutie dress by angeldamico; lavender ashes by vaivanat

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness me too! But my favourite combo is neon coral with grey. Dark warm grey can also be a pretty flattering colour. My theory is that the grey makes bright colours pop even more, and you can be colourful without looking too clownish or over-the-top.