Friday, March 7

Spring Cleaning

So you may have noticed my new header and color scheme. I'm loving the spring combo of gray and yellow - it's so soothing, like napping in the afternoon with the window open - and wanted to incorporate it into Auburn & Ivory. I just wish I could take a graphic design course or get Photoshop so I could really spruce things up here! Someday. I also started feeling clausterphobic when I viewed my space so I'm going to do a little spring cleaning. You may have noticed an "Outfit Want of the Week" section that came and went. I'd like to know what sidebar elements you like and what you don't like (should I bring the outfit of the week back?), what things you would like to see more of in the sidebars (or anywhere really) and what things you hate! I would really appreciate the feedback and here's some nice gray and yellow to calm you down:

And I just love this little Phillip Lim outfit but couldn't fit it into my group up there:


  1. When I click on a link, it would be cool if it opened up in a new window instead of making auburn & ivory disappear. Everything else is perfection!!

  2. Thanks Ellen! How did I never see this comment before. I will see if I can do that. I would like that better myself.