Friday, March 7

March Wishlist!!!

I love the idea of having a wishlist (Thanks, Holly!) and having it help me not buy a bunch of little bitty things to compensate for not buying that big thing I want because in the end all the little things add up! Of course, my budget is a little different than Holly's at Decor8, I'm sure, so my wish list isn't going to be too outrageous (for now!). Since I'm going to San Francisco next week with my sister (my first trip there!) I decided to peruse the local hot spots and pick out one thing from each place. OK, so a lot of these things are still little BUT it's going to take baby steps for me to purchase something over $25! And I have to take my available luggage space into consideration!

Built by Wendy Patterns at The Curiosity Shoppe, Flirtation No. 1 by Green Chair Press, Lulu Apron at Paper-Source, Woollyhoodwinks Ludic at Candy Store Collective, Mobos Rectangle Display Container at Rose and Radish, Ceramic Egg Planter at Doe

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