Tuesday, February 19

Look What I Made...

Thrifty Inspiration Board


I found almost everything at the thrift store -

Corkboard (any size)


fabric (I picked out a sheet for $3 at the thrift store)

staple gun




push pins


Anything else you want to add on -


shelves ($3 shower rack from thrift store)

Step 1

Drill holes in wood frame where you want your hooks (if any)

Step 2

Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than your board
Step 3

Begin by stapling each corner of the fabric to the wood frame (not cork)
Step 4

Once all the corners are down, pull each of the sides of the fabric tight around the frame and staple. I found it's easiest to put one staple in the middle first and then a couple more along the sides.
Step 5

Make a small hole in the fabric where your hook holes are drilled in the wood. Screw in your hooks.
Step 6

Cut your elastic in half. Secure one end with a push pin and stretch diagnolly abour four inches. Fold elastic over and secure with push pin. Repeat with the remainder of the elastic. Follow the same steps with your other piece to create a criss-cross pattern.
Ta Da!

Get some more ideas from the Inspiration Board group on flickr!


  1. i saw inspiration boards on Oprah the other week & have been collecting things to put on mine (that i haven't made yet, but just got great ideas for)! synchronicity, my friend...to coin an old familiar phrase;)

  2. I'm telling you - you should be my blogging buddy! Are you the Auburn or the Ivory? What d'ya say!!??