Tuesday, December 22

Birthday Smirthday

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Today I am officially one year away from not being in my twenties anymore. That's frightening. I'm going to rip off a desert fete who shares my birth-month and birth-year and make up a list of the 29 things to do before I die, *hem hem*, turn 30.

In no particular order:

1. Go to the desert (and stay here)

2. Get married (this is already happening so it makes it on the list)

3. Furnish the apartment in a more "adult" way but keeping with new theme "boho nautical" - this will always be a work in progress but it's close!

4. Start an emergency, vacation and "get out of debt" savings
I'm slowly putting money away though most if it might have to go to that new car I need but we do have some mini-trips planned which is very exciting!

5. Get out of debt (or at least most of it)

6. Learn some graphic design skills

7.Get out of San Diego (I love you all dearly but it's time to move on). More specifically, move to this town. Job/living advice greatly appreciated.
FINALLY made the big move! Woohoo!

8. Join a CSA

9. Learn another easy dinner that is not can o' soup & grilled cheese

10. Make a real website for the business venture
Visit it right here!

11. Get an address book

12. Send cards to people in address book

13. Plan another trip with sister

14. Hike a big mountain with the pups

15. Get my 20 year old butt back (maybe through said hiking?)

16. Get Captain a bike

17. Ride my bike - I had to give my bike away so this is an epic fail.

18. Clean the "office" - by clean maybe I meant fill it with more junk.

19. Organize shop stuff - much better!

20. Organize life stuff - kind of better!

21. Make an outdoor space - YES! I did this! But now that we've moved we don't have an outdoor space so do I uncross this out?

22. Plant a fig tree

23. Attempt to not kill houseplants - this is going OK. UPDATE: couldn't fit the plants in the car during the move so I'll need to start over. :(

24. Start a journal

25. Finish books I started reading when I was 28

26. Buy a new pair of jeans (it's been a long time)

27. Get a haircut (it's been even longer)

28. Do Derby Boot Camp at least once

29. Use the craft kits and craft books people have bought me over the years


  1. I love being thirty. :) Embrace it!

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you can accomplish everything on this list and more.

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm looking forward to thirty, and enjoying this last year of my 20s, even without such a great list to keep me directed. Cheers to your next fabulous year.

  4. Happy, happy birthday. I hope your day is filled with cupcakes.

  5. Happy birthday! I need to add "get 20-year-old butt back" to my list too. :p Go to Cowles Mountain in La Mesa - that thing never gets easy. Plus, it only takes about an hour to go up and down. :)

  6. happy birthday!!! i love your list, and i'm sure you'll put a line through all those items and many more. have a great day!

  7. Happy belated Birthday lovie. Happy Holidays too :)

    I love your list, by the way....xoxo

  8. Your thirties are pretty good... you make more money, you are more confident, you actually enjoy traveling to interesting destinations and you enjoy your your guilty pleasure much more... Happy B-Day

  9. wow, such a good list. good luck!!!!!

  10. I should have done this. I'm too scared to write one now.....what would I call it? 31 before 31? So many things still to do!