Monday, April 13

Little Doe

I have been obsessed with feathers* for the past few months. Everything I make has to have a feather in it and I've even begun wearing feathers pinned in my hair when I go out. I'm not sure what this means about my mental state (do I wish I could fly away?). The fact that I am obsessed with the new Bat for Lashes album and must listen to Glass and Daniel 20 times a day does not help the situation. Neither does Little Doe (I don't know why but the link is not working)-

{photos via here and here}

*Apparently, Teen Vogue feels the same way and that makes me very sad.


  1. oh me too; I've been wearing peacock feathers in my hair... there are some wonderful feather hair pieces on etsy. Lovely post...

  2. Those Teen Vogue shots are pretty ridiculous. The feather crowns in the pictures you featured are gorgeous, though.

  3. I love those pictures! and feathers are so pretty.