Tuesday, June 17

Tuesday Treasures

This week's Tuesday Treasures is for Ellen who told me that she wanted to be surrounded by flowers this spring.

TOP ROW: Summer Orange Flower by KtBlair1199; All white floral by Simply Elegant Designs; Golden Harvest by Wonderful Day; Mini Peony by Brass Paper Clip;

MIDDLE ROW: White Rose by Rad Dollz; Teal Blue Silk by Butterfly Enchantress; Tropical Flower by Two Little Wrens; Daffodil by Pussy Cat Clothing;

BOTTOM ROW: Float in the Sky by Ciara Obscura; Orchid by Dainty Divas; Ivory Hairpins by The Tailors Chest; Yellow Daisy by Sweet Southern Design

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, thank you!!! I feel like a celebrity! I'm totally getting the orchid!