Friday, March 26

So we celebrated five years with a fancy schmancy dinner at Jayne's Gastropub. This was our first time there but I had heard lots of good things about it. It is certainly a design blogging geek's dream. Key stamp wallpaper in the bathroom, vintage British flags and posters on the walls, mirrored bar, dark wood and antique metal ceiling. The food was really good but REALLY overpriced. I basically had the same entree as Captain had last week at The Smoking Goat for double the price (and I think The Smoking Goat might have been a little better) but you pay for the atmosphere and the super-indie waitstaff that know their shit from craft beer to rare South American peppers. I would go back to sit on the patio and drink Hitachino and eat the white bean crostini but I think we might have to save up during the next five years to go for dinner on our 10th anniversary.

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