Wednesday, January 13

Into The Universe

For the past couple of years we have been talking about moving to LA. At first grudgingly but recently my ears have perked up at the idea of living there. Maybe it's been the reading of Lillian Hellman's biography (I understand the LA of the 30s will not be anything like modern day) or blog-friending some amazing folks but I really want the move to happen this year. Of course, with the wedding expenses all of our savings will be gone and we'll have to start fresh in July. So I'm putting it out there - I want to find a cute house and an incredible job that I can't wait to go to every morning in the Los Angeles area (if anyone can help in either of these areas I would GREATLY appreciate it ;)).
Thank you so much for all the supportive comments! We probably wouldn't move until end of 2010 / beginning of 2011 BUT when we do here are the specifics:

House: Just something simple and cute and able to handle a boy, a girl, a fat cat and a kooky boxweiler. Preferably with a patch of a neighborhood that isn't scary. I would like to be able to walk to fun places.

Job: I work in the non-profit arts sector now but I would like to move into a more creative industry (event planning, etc. etc.). I'm tres organized.


  1. i thought you were moving to the east coast this year? plans change.

  2. i adore living in l.a. i'm a southern california girl since birth but i'm happy to be settled in this city.

    do you know anything about the cities and different neighborhoods within los angeles? looking to rent or buy? what type of job?

    happy to help with anything!

  3. i love l.a. so much too! the ocean, hills, canyons,'s all here! i encourage your move and if i can be of any help, let me know! :)

  4. Let's talk. LA isn't an obvious or easy city to love, in the way SF or NYC is, but it's earned my love in subtle and beautiful ways that continue to unfold. Let me know what you're looking for job-wise and house-wise, and I would love to help!

  5. DO it, I'm from will love it :-)

    Everyone does!


  6. hello! i just discovered your blog and i like it a lot! i'll be back for more!