Tuesday, January 12

I don't know what is up with today. I just want to run from the office screaming. There is really no reason whatsover why I should feel this way. If I could I would hide inside this teepee. My father made my sister and I a teepee during the summer once. I've always had a happy little place in my heart for them and wouldn't mind a grown up version of my very own.



  1. i know, i know, so adorable, right? i saw them over at a desert fete and lovely morning, but i'm with you: how about tepees for ADULTS? i would like mine to come with little twinkly lights inside, too.

    hope your evening is mellower than your day at work. eek!

  2. oh god, tell me about it. just a weird day! i like your new blog header though. :)

  3. That tee pee soothes my haggard soul too.