Wednesday, November 18


I would also trade something for a wedding makeup/hair lesson! I am a failure when it comes to my hair and makeup!


  1. I'll teach you! Especially in exchange for cupcakes! Small problem...I live in London...hmmmm, it's a cruel world...

  2. i would trade you, but i'm not very good at doing other people's makeup, and i don't really do anything very special with my own. our makeup lessons at esthetician school were HORRIBLE. seriously sooooo bad. we only had like two, and they were so antiquated. we had a girl who was a laura mercier makeup artist in our class. she did my makeup once, and it was insanely gorgeous. my eyelids looked like works of art. when i get married, i'm gonna ask her to do my makeup. i can get her number for you if you'd like to hire someone to do your wedding day makeup! she is seriously amazing. i'd love to learn more makeup stuff, so i could be as good as she is.

    and levi actually needs to work on his updos. he hasn't done enough of them. he's gonna take some classes in the new year. :)