Thursday, November 12

How Do I Love Thee

Noa always knows what I like. She sent me the link to {pH} poetic Home, the venue for Grace Light's photo stylings of her vintage finds. And better yet {!} she sells her subjects on etsy!

Let me count the ways -
  • vintage typewriters
  • library catalogs
  • fantastic photography
  • mid century desk lamps
  • house tours
  • DIY tutorials
  • wabi sabi


  1. ::blush:: Thank you for the sweet mention :) It's always so lovely to meet other vintage aficionados!

  2. yay! I knew you would love this one- I spent like at least 2 hours on her blog yesterday!... it's hard to find cool stuff out there that you DON'T already knwo about, so I have to say I am kinda proud of myself ;) luv ya! xo

  3. oh, and grace-- i am adding you to my blogroll as we speak! I am currently converting an old shed on our property into my studio and I think I need just about every single thing on your blog!!! ;) xo