Thursday, November 12

The Little RomCom That Could

Typically, I steer has far away from RomComs as I possibly can (no offense to my best ladies out there who adore them). I just have an issue with the modern romantic comedy genre's formula. One dimensional female character with fantastic wardrobe can't find happiness without first finding Mr. Right, getting that rock on her finger and popping out a million of his babies. This is pretty much the layout of each and ever movie geared towards the female audience except with a different blonde and a different title. Turns out, however, that some of my favorite movies could be considered RomComs and I never realized! One of these days, someone is going to turn out a great romantic film full of laughs and not completely insulting to women everywhere (I hope my fiance is listening).

My favorite RomComs:

Can it really be a romcom if there is not a single man in the entire film? Granted, the heroine goes back to her lying, cheating husband BUT these ladies are hilarious.


Before you rent anything with Bradgelina please rent this!

My favorite blonde - Seymour Cassel. Just kidding. Gena Rowlands is a dream.

I can't stand Woody Allen but I love Annie Hall.

OK. This is pushing borderline typical romcom BUT it makes up for that with the ice cream sundae and glory hole scene.

What are yours?


  1. good call lady. I'm the same way. I always dig the one's that have some flavor, insight, or deviate from the M + W = M + B + H (man plus woman yields marriage, babies, happiness) formula. I especially like the ones where, in the end... the dumpee goes out and explores the world..(500 days of summer, the breakup). Anywho... I have a Romcom with some good soul on my blogdiddy tomorrow. So again, Good Call...:)*love*

  2. p.s. I can't wait to watch some of these... yayyy! I love how you are introducing me to good, quality media.. this, Oriah. love it.

  3. how to marry a millionaire... marilyn monroe.

    i think there should be an age limit. like. the classics don't count.