Thursday, September 17

Jetsetting Around My Own Little World

Turns out that not only can I drool over marked down yet still-too-expensive-for-me clothing at Gilt and Giltfuse but I can now fantasize about luxury vacation getaways that are still unattainable even with that big ol' slash through the original price! (Thanks, Amanda!)

Jetsetter is the newest member of the Gilt Groupe and "provides exclusive access to insider travel deals". Can't afford the $1105/night room at that celebrity resort in Mexico? Not too worry! Now you can sip mai tais along the private, beach side lagoon for a mere $699/night!

Hammocks and coronas not your thing? How about chic and boutique in SoHo

or South Beach?

OR "Visit Tuscany...with 34 of your closest friends." That only comes out to $150/person! Not bad!

1 comment:

  1. With the clothes, I was ambivalent. But with these vacation sites, I'm positively green with envy for the people who have these jetsetter lives. And then I try to remind myself that Tuscany is just as beautiful when you have $100 a day as $1000 (at least, after you leave the hotel room. I covet some of these hotel rooms.)