Thursday, September 17

Boxes, Cubbies, Containers...oh MY!

Apartment Therapy reminded me today that I need to get my act together and organize the craft/office space. Right now the 2nd bedroom is being used as the "danger zone." Everything that doesn't have a place at the moment (books, my bike, Captain's dirty clothes) has been thrown in with no regard to order. How much would I love a room like the ones featured on AT. But, honestly, does that fabric in Wren Handmade's cubbies really stay that organized ALL the time??? Please make me feel better about myself and say no.


  1. none of the rooms on AT are like that all the time.

    it's what i tell myself so i can sleep at night.

  2. heehee

    our second room is our "scary room"

  3. Ha ha. I think to work for M. Stew you have to be uber 'organized' or at least be good at faking it for photos. I think for this shoot, in which the Martha Stewart craft department folks showed their home studios/work/etc, they had to re-locate their studios in Manhattan for the day. Um, so they were set up perfectly for the photo, if that makes you feel better!