Tuesday, July 21

Portland Recap

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Portland to assist Noa of Feather Love Photography shoot the winning wedding from her contest. I have been to Portland once before, six years ago, with an old friend on a wild trip we took across country. I always imagined myself there and the moment I got into the city this time around I felt like I was home. I love the buildings and the little details, all the people (crazy or not) who wander around, the style, and the vibe. If Portland were closer to my family and friends I would settle down there in a heartbeat. Can't we just recreate it somewhere on the east coast? We stayed at the Ace Hotel (where else would I go?) and it was definitely pretty chic inside. Huge windows, movie posters, record players, terrariums. The staff left a little to be desired but I guess that's what happens when you stay in a "hipster hotel." I took some photos but they seriously do not do the city justice. Not like the photos that Noa took. Please go check them out.

{photos by me}


  1. your photos are gorgeous!! i had the best time ever with you darling!! thank you SO much! xoxo

  2. Yes, I've found the Ace Staff to be amazingly friendly and helpful or totally aloof as only hipsters can be:) Glad you got to visit again though!