Monday, July 13

Hanging Herb Garden for a Small Space

This is my side "yard" -

Yes, it's a giant fence. The backyard isn't much better (a 3x10' concrete slab). So my gardening options are limited to none (or so I thought). I've attempted to put potted plants in the back but, honestly, if I can't see them I forget about them and they die.

Then I saw these plant pots at IKEA and I came up with a plan.

I wanted to make an herb garden but the only place to put one outside (where I could see it and not neglect it) would be outside near the fence. It is an ideal spot because it gets good sun and I just have to step outside my kitchen door to grab some herbs. Inspired by these lettuce troughs, I decided to get out my handy, dandy dremel and get to work.

I bought some cilantro, dill and basil to start off. In retrospect, I should have researched my herbs first to make sure they all liked the same thing. Cilantro, I found out after it was planted, enjoys less sun than the dill and bason but hopefully it will be OK.

Because, I believe, the box is made for potted plants and not actually planting plants I got rid of the metal pan that came with it and used my drill attachment to make drainage holes in the bottom of the box.

Then I added a two small gate hooks to the top of the box two inches in from the edge.

On the fence I marked where the gate hooks lined up and screwed in the eye of the hook.

Once everything looked lined up and sturdy, I planted my herbs, watered them and placed the box back on the fence.

Voila! I defintely want to head back to IKEA for some more boxes to add to my wall garden.

I also had fun with the sale IKEA was having on hanging pots and their selection of succulent plants!


  1. i've never seen those plant pots at ikea before but now i know they are just what i need for my new yard. thanks!!

  2. i love it! So very fun! I am definitely wanting a succulent garden like that. Hopefully a plant I won't kill...

  3. my little "yard" is also a square of cement. we have our little herb garden on the kitchen sill. :) this is very cute!

    and also, god bless ikea.

  4. ooh what a cute arrangement! fresh herbs are the best!

  5. i spent my weekend doing the same exact thing.. fence gardening and buying up all the on-super-sale hanging planters from ikea!

  6. wowzer, emilia! good work!! your greens look fantastic. and I'm such a succulent lover. I'm tres jealous — need to work on channeling a green thumb that's got to be in there somewhere.

  7. Clever work there with the hooks! Grow you good things, grow :)

  8. What an exciting experience!/Hilarious! Delightful! True!/wonderful stuff! thank you!
    potted plants