Friday, July 10


I can't believe Friday is already here. I feel like I just got back to work. This weekend I'm making an herb garden to hang on my fence since I have no yard (I will share pics on Monday) and going to see Bruno. What are you doing?
  • Noa gave my cupcakes a shout out!
  • I think Alice is so hot and, um, can I borrow that jacket for, like, ever?
  • Can I spend Sunday morning like this?
  • I see London, I see France, I see this tree's...
  • Bra strap heels - hot or tacky? Both?
  • David Fullerton - the new blog baby.
  • I could use a creative space like this.

{photo by me from my date night adventure...stay tuned}


  1. very sweet pic! am curious about date night adventure!! :) i should be watching Bruno tonight! very excited :D x

  2. happy weekend.

    and i'm going with 'tacky' on the heels. but it may be because i'm jealous i could never pull em off.

  3. i love when the weeks go by fast ;)