Thursday, June 4

She Goes to Palm Springs on Sundays

I'm not sure if you are aware but I have a slight obsession with the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Every day I come up with a new reason why it is so awesome (Captain is not amused). If you are having a bachelorette or birthday party or just want to be in the coolest place on earth for a couple days please head to the Ace immediately. No, I am not a paid rep for the hotel. I am just freakin' obsessed.

Let's start with the rooms: There is a collection of booze on the bathroom shelf. The walls are covered in canvas material. The furniture is vintage. You can, and are encouraged to, move the pictures around on the walls as you see fit.

Now the pool: Maybe it was because I haven't been in a pool in lord knows how long but it was divine. Christian, the rad bartender, sent me off with my mojitos {20% off with the Easy Rider package btw} with a wink and a smile. The cute boys in gold hot pants shakin' their booties were fine entertainment for the afternoon (don't worry, babe, they were more interested in each other than in me). Of course, the ambiance was helped by Michael of The Flashdance!

{I apologize for the lack of pool pics. I was distracted by the mojitos and the boys in hot pants}

Oh, and don't forget the food at King's Highway, the revamped Denny's, with a menu of fresh, homemade food. Top it off with cocktails at the Amigo Room and then some downtime at your building's fireplace. Oh, did I mention that each building has a community fireplace? How about a massage in a yurt???

Yeah, this is like the raddest summer camp ever for adults!

Check out more photos of The Ace and of The Sunday Wedding by Sarah Yates (awesome photographer!) here and here.

{photos by me}


  1. I think this should become a habit. SO much fun!!

  2. all right, so...I think I'm going to the Ace in October! Yay. :D if you have any recommendations for stuff to do in town, do tell! definitely want to go up the tram and hike. :)