Thursday, June 4

Cupcake on the Go

This is what I need! This law school alum turned cupcake entrepreneur drives a cupcake truck around New York! Fabulous!

"Cupcake Stop's inaugural event was a private party for Jill Zarin of the TV show 'Real Housewives of New York' on Tuesday at Hudson Terrace.
On the drive back from the event, 'people were literally chasing the truck through Times Square.'"

Anyone want to go in on one out here???

{Thanks, Stevie-Lynn!}


  1. wow. that guy's a genius! i WISH i had the money to go in on something like that with you once you move to the LA area 'cause i totally would.

  2. nyc is filled with dessert trucks. but i think this could totally work in LA too. here's an article with some inspiration for you.

  3. OH wow, this is too cool! Of course it would be highly detrimental to my health if I drove one of these around all day-I'd lock myself in and never come out!

  4. Yums! If there are icecream trucks, there should be cupcake trucks too! :)

  5. Yesss. Portland needs one of those. Badly.