Monday, January 19

Rara Avis and a GIVEAWAY!

"Rara Avis" (rare bird) is my new baby in what I hope is a collection I can pull together before January 31st for Citizen Video. I'm super excited that Citizen Video is going to start showcasing even more local artists. This is our number one movie and Six Feet Under addiction stop in San Diego. If you want this little buddy and live in SoCal go check it out in February!

And now for my very first Auburn & Ivory contest! I would love for you guys to come up with a message for one of my pendants. It can be one or two words between 1 and 4 letters. Just leave your words in the comments with your name. I am going to use to pick the winner from the comments on this post. The winner will receive a necklace with a hand stamped pendant of their words! I will pick the winner on the 30th of January.

UPDATE: To make the competitors out there happy (hem hem esb) I will ALSO choose my favorite to receive a pendant. So that is TWO winners!!!

UPDATE #2: Contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. be

    - Jill at

  2. um, shouldn't you pick the *best* message? and then use it? just saying. because I love a good competition. f* this random shit.

  3. I know I know! Can we do a giveaway on my blog? A competition for the best slogan? And H-town will judge.


    (Wait, I have a really good one. Am I disqualified if my husband is judging?)

  4. wow this is hard.

    I'll have to think on it.

    But I love your necklaces.
    I also made some feather necklaces.
    you can see it here.

  5. I would like this:

    Ps. 46:10

    (my favorite Bible verse)

  6. this is so fabulous! hmmm, my words would be "kiss me here" -- this is a great idea! xo

  7. "Live Life"

    Nice neclaces!!


  8. i am trying SO hard...the letter restriction is killin' me! here are my submissions:

    live now

    no regrets (too long, i know)

    be true

    the end. (like @ the end of a fairy tale!)

    au fond ('at heart' in french)


    ok, that's enough...can't wait to see on friday!

  9. "I sing" for a bit of inspiration

    or "Try me" or "bite me" for the sassy girl


    pop by my blog for a visit anytime

  10. I think (as of right now), I'd go with this:

    In Him

    (as in: in Christ)
    ...but I may change my mind...who knows? maybe, maybe not!!

    contact me at:

  11. Lil Sis

    ...'cause I'm a little sister! :D

  12. Well, continuing in the latin theme, I would choose "fiat lux" meaning "let there be light." Too bad the letter limit keeps me from recommending my favorite latin catchphrase, ad astra--to the stars. (Yes, I do love me some dead languages. Don't even get me started on ancient greek.)


  13. What beautiful pendants!

    My message:

    "open door"

  14. hooray for competition!

    i realize there is no way i'll win now that i've been such a brat. but here goes: