Thursday, March 13

Lovin' Locally

The best place in San Diego to rent movies when you're looking for something that's not Spiderman III or Good Luck Chuck is Citizen Video. This chill store probably has every indie and foreign flick you've ever heard of and most of the ones you haven't. Plus, if you can't decide the staff knows everything about every movie in there and makes the best recommendations. And not in the indie-music-store-snob/High Fidelity kind of way. Everyone is really nice and helpful. Even with a netflix account, we can't get enough and we're known by name down there in South Park. BUT something you might not think about when you're itchin' for some Bergman or some Jarmusch are the rad t-shirts and goodies they sell. AND they have an Etsy store which I finally tracked down. These completely original shirts of movies like Harold and Maude and Amelie, celebrities like Parker Posey and Bill Murray are so comfortable and come in lots of fantastic colors.
My favorite of all is of the cover of the one of the staple children's book The Story of Ferdinand.

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