Wednesday, July 16

Picture Perfect

I've noticed that I have been starring a lot of photography posts in my google reader. I just couldn't stand squeezing these into a Friday round-up. I had to share these images with you that for one reason or another have struck a chord with me. I think I'll give each photography their own post because I can't choose just one or two images for each.

My first today is the work of Martyn Thompson that I spotted over at small souvenirs. These pictures are my idea of how a summer should be spent - with friends and family over a huge table of food or relaxing by a lake. I was a pretty lucky kid and I have very fond memories of lobster and corn get togethers with the neighbors and standing on a dock with my favorite red terry cloth coverup waiting to get into the motor boat for an evening ride. And a lot of these memories are lit just as these photographs are lit - that special moment right in between the bright of day and the purple of an evening sky. That moment that only seems to happen right smack in the middle of summer. I haven't had a moment like that in a long, long time and I appreciate Martyn's work for giving me just a little taste.

Seriously, go here and just look at every single photograph. You will not be sorry.

{all images from marek and associates}


  1. the colors are so autumnal... so cozy

  2. Seems I'm having flashbacks, too. Such memories! Thaks for the link!

    Om Shanti Handcrafts

  3. Oh, what lovely pastoral scenes . . . makes me want to move to the country and have a bunch of picnics asap!

  4. Wonderful work--thank you for the link. I love photographs like this. Beautiful.

  5. I'm loving that back porch. I need one of those.