Wednesday, July 16

Oh happy day!

So I've been feeling like a big ol' slacker in the blog department lately. August is my crazy month at work and July is almost as crazy getting ready for the crazy month. I could and should write when I get home but all I ever want to do is curl up on the couch. And then I get this award! And I feel super guilty about slacking but it also sparks some inspiration in me to get my act together. And I didn't get awarded by just anyone. No, no. It was the one and only Cupcake Diary who writes the most drool-worthy posts ever. How this girl has so many awesome things to talk about I just don't know. It's pretty spectacular over there so go check it out!

Ok so here are the rules:

1. when received, you may post the premio to your blog

2. link to the blogger you received it from

3. give it to 7 blogs

4. link to those 7 blogs

5. and leave those 7 bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio!

I'm haven't been very good at finding new blogs lately so hopefully I won't repeat myself too much!
  • She's already the fav of the week but I just really adore the Scout-Holiday blog. She always finds amazing pictures and I'm envious of her collage-making skills and her cupcake parties!
  • Ok, I know I hardly ever talk about music here but I am actual a big ol' music freak. I like pretty much everything but I go through phases. I was going through one of those phases when I found Honey, Where You Been So Long?. One of the best pre-war blues collections ever.
  • I get A LOT of my inspiration from the "art-obsessed" Abbey who blogs over at Aesthetic Outburst.
  • And we all probably know the incredible Creature Comforts. Art, Fashion, Design, amazing layouts and writing. It doesn't get much better than this.
  • So Katrina already got an award today but I don't mind giving small souvenirs another one because it is that rad.
  • Inspired-Living know...inspiring! And is the blog of Kim - one of the most graceful and talented people I got to meet at Bennington.
  • And my sweetie, Kristy, over at Things I Heart Today. The person who inspires me in life and work and play. We lurv her.


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and this lovely award!

  2. Thank you for the super sweet words! I like this kind of awards cause you always stumble upon new fantastic blogs to read; I'm gonna check all of your choices now :-)

  3. thank you so much! :) i'm so glad you like my blog. i like yours as well, i hope you don't mind if i link you.