Tuesday, April 22

Tuesday Treasures

Happy Earth Day!
I'm going to try and make an effort today to do at least one eco-friendly thing. It doesn't have to be overwhelming because every little bit helps, I think. Trading in paper napkins for cloth ones or running less water when you brush your teeth. Here are some fun Etsy products that are made out of either organic, natural, or sustainable materials.

TOP: Je t'aime Nature tote; Code Green Tee; Beach Stone Necklace

SECOND ROW: Stick and Stones stacking rings; Hankies from Potatohavetoes; Eco Friendly Flatware

THIRD ROW: Gallery Dress; Vintage Shopper; Tear Drop Walnut Earrings

BOTTOM: Wooden Forest; Hemp Messenger Bag; Organic Film Noir Knit Top

1 comment:

  1. Love your inspired finds! Especially the Vintage Shopper and the Je t'aime totes! Cheers!