Wednesday, April 23

Make It Work

Maybe it's the east coast in me but I still tend to keep a lot of black and dark colors in my wardrobe. When I was living on the east coast I actually added more color than a lot of my friends but now that i'm in sunny California I look like I am in perpetual mourning. But I love when other people can get away with bold, vibrant colors so when I saw this picture this morning on wardrobe_remix it made me smile! Then I came across the collection of photos from le bon bon multicolore who reminds me of my style icon, Anna Karina (and apparently hers too because I just noticed her collection of AK photos! J'adore!), and (even though I am so sick of hearing that she is a style icon) Zooey Deschanel. As soon as I get some extra clothes cash I'm checking out her vintage shop!

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