Monday, April 14

New stuff!

I got yelled at for adding new stuff to my Etsy shop and not posting about it! I had made a version of this necklace for myself a long time ago and just loved it so much and got so many compliments on it that I decided to make a couple more for the shop. They kind of remind me of M.I.A.'s (who I'm seeing on the 28th and I am so excited!) style and lyrics so that's what it's called! The chain is sterling silver plated and is long enough to wrap around twice so the plastic gun looks like a seperate necklace. The other beads are combination of vintage plastic and czech glass.
P.S. I wore mine yesterday and these two older ladies said "Ooh, look at your necklace! That's wild! I bet nobody messes with you on the street!". It was pretty funny.

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