Monday, April 14

Monday Featured Artists

Collections have been a popular design/art blog topic for sometime now with Poppytalk's Collecting interviews and similar series showcasing people's personal collections of anything from suitcases to clipboards. I love how the idea of collecting translates into art like in the work of Steve Wiman. It's a fun game to try and figure out what motivates him to combine the objects that he does or make up stories to go along with each piece. His work reminds me of Dario Robleto who is one of my all time favorite artists and if you like collections or collages of any kind you have to go check him out.
This one reminds me of the back page of Nylon Magazine.

Another artist to check out, who is a little more accessible, is the etsy seller bricolagelife who takes lovely photographs (see below) of her own personal collections and various things she finds in around her home.

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