Monday, March 24

Monday Featured Artists

Since I took (tried to anyway) a break last week from writing I'm a little behind on talking about the 100 great artist picks over at a thing of beauty. You already know how much I admire some artists that are on the list so here are just a few of my new-found favorites.
Since she did so much fantastic work over there, please check out Anne's blog for more information on these and the rest of the artists.

{all pictures are property of the artist}

I have been introduced to two other incredible artists in my web travels recently. Meighan over at my love for you is a stampede of horses raves (and rightly so) about this young (still in high school!) artist, Kiddet.

And this quirky creature is limbo who I fell in love with at Vic's blog.

And his sweet heart makes me think of this awesome new project that I can't wait to start working on over at Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog.

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