Friday, March 21


Staying away from you all week was a lot harder than I thought it would be!

So in lieu of a Friday Favs here is a recap of my trip in pictures (and some words). I fell in love with San Fran as soon as we stepped off the shuttle. Every building has a history and every street holds a story. I've always felt that the whole of San Diego was torn down and rebuilt sometime in the seventies forcing it to lose its memories in the process. Palm trees and perfect weather can only take you so far. So basically I learned that I picked the wrong San when I moved cross country. It was pretty tough to get on BART and go back to the airport. Anyway, I'm no photographer so here are some of my touristy pictures with some found ones to show you what I heart about SF.

The Street Style{photos street fancy}

The Store FrontsGypsy Honeymoon, store between Castro and Mission, Little Otsu (the middle photo has two boards with bunny peeps all over it. The first one says "Our peeps have a fierce tan" and the second one says "Their peeps are a hot mess." I took it for Captain McCool; he loves Christian Siriano.)

The Houses

The Art Museums and Bookstores{photos SFMoma}

The Views
There is obviously so much more than that like the food (Herbivore and Cafe Divine), being able to walk everywhere or take a cablecar/streetcar/bus/BART when I couldn't, renting bikes at Golden Gate Park from this guy, Paxton Gate and Therapy, and all the culture and other curiosities!


  1. Thanks for adding me, Emilia. (Your post and photos make me want to visit San Francisco! Maybe someday...)

  2. I've been near and around SF, but never IN it. Can see that I definitely need to make it down!

  3. oh san fran. how i love thee. all great spots! love the "chicken" shwara at herbivore. i get nostalgic about that sandwhich like an old friend

    and thanks for the linky.