Wednesday, March 12

Make It Work

If you need a daily pick-me up or you're feeling a little bad about yourself I would recommend signing up for the wardrobe_remix flickr group. I have never had so many sweet people say so many nice things! One of the rules of the group is you can only make positive comments. There is no "You actually wore that out!!!??" comments. I love it. Of course, now I can't go to work looking like a frumpy, old lady like I usually do and I have to straight iron my bangs but it's worth it! One of my new fashionista favs is hermsprong. Not only does she have something nice to say for everyone but I am always amazed by her fantastic and witty combinations. Plus girl knows how to dress weather-appropriate!


1 comment:

  1. thank you ma'am! i do like to dress for the weather --and i'm pretty sure no one has ever called me a fashionista before!